AKNO Energy has always been at the fore front of the technological development of energy efficient solutions, as it has always been extremely attentive to its corporate social responsibility. In fact, AKNO Energy promotes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), operating in a sustainable manner, with low-environmental impact. AKNO is a pioneer in developing eco-friendly technology, setting the standard for the industry. The company’s sustainability initiatives contribute to a greener world. We believe that growing means improving the environment and the planet. We are confident that the reduction in the environmental footprint of our buildings, through optimized use of energy, water and waste, will have a positive effect on future financial performance. AKNO Energy focuses its attention on balanced relationship between the building and its surroundings:


Innovative solar panels with certified quality. Polycrystalline modules perform better at high temperatures than mono-crystalline modules, producing more electricity. Ideal in situations and environments of strong and irregular sunlight, or in an environment with strong pollution. They exhibit a 12-14% efficiency rate.


The reduction of heat loss, a goal of a sustainable architectural design, includes windows.
Similarly to the opaque parts of the building envelope, window frames must be designed, manufactured and installed in order to be efficient and reduce heat loss.


Biogas plants produce more energy than they consume and emit less CO2 in the environment than the traditional management of manure and organic waste from recycling. They help fight climate change.


The systems are constructed simply. The maintenance is focused on one or more tanks for harvesting rainwater, the filter and its components clean the rainwater before it enters the tank and pumping system. A rainwater recovery system can guarantee a savings of over 50% on your bill and benefits the environment by reducing demand per capita for drinking water requirements.


Efficient and energy smart: all our warehouses have low energy light bulbs, motion detectors and darkness sensors. AKNO Energy strongly believes in eco-green, by minimizing levels of carbon emissions. AKNO is the messenger of a green idea, by supporting the environment with efficient energy construction choices that benefit the welfare of all.


Thanks to the extensive use of skylights and translucent dome roofs, AKNO Energy designs buildings where natural light plays a key role.